3 Ways To Take Your Morning Coffee To The Next Level

If you love the coffee shop atmosphere and a good cup of coffee but don't want to leave your home during cold winter mornings, you can bring the cafe feel to your kitchen. With a few simple adjustments, you can brew quality coffee and set up a relaxing environment that will take your morning coffee to the next level. 

Learn the Basics of Coffee Making 

The first step to upping your coffee game is to understand the basics of quality coffee. You don't have to train as a barista to learn the basics. In fact, a few changes to the basic settings on your coffee maker can take your coffee from basic morning caffeine to a true treat. For example, switching to filtered water in your machine will help control the acidity of your drink. Additionally, setting your machine to its highest temperature and a long brew will ensure the flavors are extracted properly. Finally, if you are using k cups, keep in mind the amount of coffee in each capsule is relatively small. You'd be better off making a smaller cup of coffee even if your machine has settings for a 10 or 12 ounce cup. 

Try Seasonal Flavors 

The great thing about coffee shop drinks is that they are diverse. You can go into a coffee shop and order a different flavor depending on your mood or the season. You don't have to forego that diverse choice at home. Because k cups are single serving and have a long shelf life, you can store multiple flavors at home and make whichever strikes your mood. For example, with the line of Starbucks k cup pods, you can enjoy a holiday brew on a cold, snowy morning without leaving the warmth of your home. The next day, you can switch back to your default latte or try a mint flavored pod. 

Spring for New Cups 

Another thing that gives the coffee shop a benefit over your home is the atmosphere it creates. While you may not want to turn your entire kitchen into a cafe, you can still get the cafe feel by purchasing new cups. You may want to buy cups from your favorite coffee shop to use at home, or you may purchase something that suits your specific style. Either way, purchase a quality cup, make sure you use saucers, and drink your coffee at a clean, uncluttered table in the morning. The atmosphere will often improve your drinking experience.