Traveling Internationally? Bring A "Local" Gift Of Pistachios

If you're about to go visit someone overseas, or you've had an international visitor who is about to leave, providing a small gift is always nice, and it's generally seen as the proper thing to do. If the gift is representative of your country or state, so much the better; it becomes not only a gift but also becomes a way to share your life with the people in the other country. In the United States, nuts are usually a suitable gift because of the country's large nut industry, and pistachios form a huge part of that harvest.

The Mostly American Nut

Pistachios are originally from the Middle East, and they're still grown there. But the United States is now the second-largest producer of pistachios, and the nuts provide a substantial amount of money to farmers. As with almonds, pistachios have become nearly synonymous with orchard-based agriculture in the United States, especially in California. If you are looking for a food gift that represents American food, pistachios rank up there with almonds.

Food as Happy Gift

Food as a gift isn't new, but giving foods such as pistachios offers two advantages:

  • Pistachios are consumable and won't take up space; they are very good for people who live in small homes.
  • Pistachios have very good reputations in certain countries, such as in China where the nuts symbolize good fortune and health. If you want to show your international hosts or guests that you want them to do well in life, pistachios are an excellent way to do so.

Those Red Pistachios

Red-dyed pistachios have become somewhat of a novelty even in the United States, despite their ubiquitous nature a few decades ago. You can still find red pistachios, though, and they could be a nice side gift for people in countries that never had the red-dyed ones. However, do warn the recipients about the dye -- it comes off the nuts easily and can stain hands, lips, and anything else the dye touches.

If you'd like to find out about pistachio products that are for sale, talk to a company that specializes in gourmet food gifts, including nuts, such as Valley pistachio country store. You'll be able to choose from pleasantly packaged items that are all suitable as gifts, and you'll be able to find more novelty items as well if you really want to send a creative and edible gift.