Restaurant Smallwares: What You Need For Each Commercial Kitchen Station

When it comes to outfitting your commercial kitchen, you need to make sure that you have durable smallwares. Otherwise, the operation of your restaurant could come to a halt. However, before you take the plunge and just buy the first things that you see, you need to consider your storage space, budget and menu selections. You need to make sure that your items serve several purposes, if possible, and that there are multiples of each smallware on hand. Here are a few smallware items that you need for each of your kitchen stations and how to organize them:

The Grill Station

For this kitchen station, you'll need grill brushes, turners, steak weights, tongs as well as sauce mops. You will want to make sure there are extra preparation tools on hand to speed up the cooking during a rush period. The last thing a chef or member of the kitchen staff wants to have to do is look for an item that has been misplaced or to wash a needed utensil that is filthy.

The Sauté Station

For this kitchen station, you'll need several different sized knives, cutting boards, sauté pans and turners. This is one of the faster-paced stations in the kitchen, so organization of these items are key. There will need to be a dedicated prep table where seasonings, ingredients and the smallwares are within easy reach. Ultimately, for timely preparation, you may want to have your chef help you put everything in place.

The Fry Station

For this station, you will need mitts, thermometers, mixing bowls, fry baskets and tongs. In a large number of commercial kitchens, this is the busiest station. This area needs to be designed and organized so that food can be quickly and properly breaded. In addition, there needs to be an area for fried foods to be held after they are done cooking. Since items will be pre-frozen or in the refrigerator prior to going into the fryer, it is important to make sure there is a nearby refrigerator with easy and quick access to any ingredients.  

The Dishwashing Station

For this station, you need hot water thermometers, aprons, dish racks, sponges, brushes and scrapers. Make sure there is a very sufficient supply of all of these products, as well as any other cleaning supplies used, to ensure that the staff is fully equipped. You don't want to run out of something and be unable to properly clean dishes, which could result in having to shut down the restaurant for the rest of the day. Your city, county or state may have certain requirements regarding cleaning procedures and supplies used, so it is important to check with them ahead of opening the restaurant.

Some may overlook the importance of smallwares in a commercial kitchen, but it is these smallwares that make it possible for you to run a successfully, efficient restaurant. Visit your local supply store, such as Louis Wohl & Sons Inc, to start equipping your kitchen stations with all of the proper smallwares and tools.