2 Things Novice Wine Drinkers Should Learn Before Going On A Private Wine Tour

If your anniversary is soon approaching and you want to make this day special for your spouse, you could arrange for a private wine tour at Hummingbird Wine Tours. Wine tours offer the opportunity to try new types of wine, and they can be very romantic and fun. This is a great way to spend an anniversary, but if neither of you is a wine drinker, you might want to learn some things about wine before you take your tour.

Red vs. White

While most people prefer either red wines or white wines, you may not be sure which type you and your spouse will like. By trying both types, you will soon find out which type you prefer better, and wine-tasting really is the only way to find this out.

Both red wines and white wines are made of grapes, but there are several key differences relating to the ingredients used in each, and these are:

  • White wine is made from white or green grapes. In general, white wines are lighter in taste and flavor than red wines.
  • Red wine is made from red, purple, or black grapes. The skins of these grapes are used in the wines to give it its rich color, and red wines tend to be richer and fuller in taste.

If you are not a wine drinker, you may want to start out tasting white wines. In fact, many wineries serve their wine tastes in order, beginning with white wines and ending with red wines.

The Five S's of Wine Tasting

Anyone that drinks wine often may use some or all of the five S's of wine tasting to get the most enjoyment out of the drink. These S's stand for:

  • Swirl – swirling your glass of wine aerates it.
  • Sniff – smelling your wine helps your taste buds adjust and prepare for the taste you are about to take.
  • Slurp – this involves adding air into your taste, although you may want to use caution so you are not embarrassing as you slurp.
  • Swish – when you place a sip of wine in your mouth, swirl it around a little just like you would do with mouthwash.
  • Swallow – the final S is to swallow your taste of wine, and this is the step when you will get the full taste and flavor of the wine.

If your spouse and you do not normally drink wine, knowing and using these things may help improve your experience tasting wines. Learning these S's is also a great way to impress your spouse.

Going wine-tasting is fun and is a great thing to do on any special day. If you are interested in doing this, find out what private wine tours are available and reserve your spots today.