Paper Wine Bags: The Three Types You Should Have In Your Store

When you own any type of retail establishment, you understand how it is the little expenses that add up and take away from your profit. You want to provide your customers with pleasantries, but wonder how to do so without taking from your own pocket. If you have a business that sells wine, one way to keep your customers happy without breaking the bank is by keeping three different types of paper wine bags in supply. Knowing when to use each type will help you to save money in a little way that can add up over the year.

As the customer is at the checkout stand, engage him or her in a bit of conversation while you ring up the purchase and ask for identification. Mention the wine, what it goes with and casually ask if it is for home consumption, a special occasion or as a gift.

Wholesale Bags

Wholesale bags are generic bags. While they look nice, you can purchase them as fancy or plain as your budget and need demands, they are mass-produced. The liquor store across town can have eh same bags as you do. These are going to be the least expensive bag.

If the bottle is going home for dinner or to be added to a collection, use a wholesale bag. The customer knows where the bottle was purchased so no advertising on the bag is necessary.

Gift Bags

Wine gift bags are a bit fancier. You can purchase them with a bit of tissue paper and a bow. They should also include a card the customer can sign to let the receiver know who it is from. These bags are going to cost a bit more than wholesale bags, but are still mass-produced.

You can purchase them in assortments so the customer can choose a bag that goes with the occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. This makes a nice touch for the customer, who now does not have to go and purchase wrapping somewhere else. If you have not asked the purpose of the wine, you can always offer a gift bag. When offering this bag, it would be fine to pass the cost of the bag onto the purchaser if you want.

Branded Bags

Branded bags are those that have the name and location of your establishment printed or embossed on the bag. You will probably have to order them in a large quantity and they will cost a bit more than mass-produced bags. However, no one else will have the exact same bag. You can personalize it any way you like.

These bags are good when the wine is being taken to a dinner party or somewhere the drinkers are not going to know where it was purchased. It provides a bit of advertising for your establishment. Hopefully, others will enjoy the wine and visit your store to purchase more of it.

Good customer service is an important step in having repeat business. Do not underestimate the importance of the different types of paper wine bags. They can both save you money and bring in new business if you know when to use each one.